Wednesday, 28 August 2019

"For Hestia and Ares"

Happy September, everyone!  Hard to believe that summer is almost over, but the trees are already beginning to turn, and skies and grass are both beginning to take on a dusty shade. The days are visibly shorter, and a morning chill is in the air.  Don’t forget that CALGARY PAGAN PRIDE DAY happens Sep 21 at Olympic Plaza and Arts Commons!

A month ago at Panfest, Vanessa Cardui released a limited demo disk, For Hestia and Ares.  It incorporates “Invocation” and “Lost at Sea” from her 2013 release, The Wine-Dark Sea, with the previously unreleased “Valediction” (the companion piece to “Invocation”) and two new pieces, “Hestia, the First and the Last”, and ”Hymn to Ares”.

I was blessed with a copy the following weekend at “When Words Collide” in Calgary, and am happy to say that, as “Invocation” first promised, the multi-talented Cardui can add “liturgist” to her accomplishments as musician, poet, storyteller, lyricist, and performer.  Both of the new pieces (and of course “Invocation/Valediction”) are in my opinion worthy additions to pagan liturgy, particularly the longer “Hymn to Ares”, in which a warrior prays to Ares to assist them in foregoing violence in the name of a more quiet assertiveness.  The multi-layered music and vocals in the album can carry away the listener in a wave of ecstatic sound, but this can also be its weakness as some of the lyrics may become lost or confusing in the mix.  Should you encounter Ms. Cardui at any of her performances, try asking for a copy. You’ll be glad you did.  My rating: four pentacles out of five.

September Events:
 Note these events are listed for information purposes only; no endorsement should be necessarily implied. Dates and locations may be subject to change; see the source for details. If I’ve missed anyone and you’d like to add to this listing, please contact me. All times MDT.

Aug 23-Sep 1:  Calgary Pride Festival.
Aug 31-Sep 1:  Canmore Highland Games.
Aug 31:  Calgary Highland Games at Calgary Rugby Union.
Sep 1, 11:00 am:  Calgary Pride Parade.
Sep 2:  Labour Day.  Unofficial end of summer.
*Sep 2:  Celtic Tree-Month of Muin/Vine begins, according to Graves and Llewellyn.
Sep 6, 7:00 pm:  Circles of Rhythm Drum Circle, Inglewood Community Centre.
Sep 7, 10:00 am:  Just Be YYC market at the Village in Brentwood.
*Sep 8, 12:00 pm:  Witches of Alberta YYC Meetup at Rose and Crown.
*Sep 8, 2:00 pm:  Brewing with Witches at Pure North Market, Lethbridge, hosted by Southern Alberta Pagan Association (SAPA).
Sep 13-15:  YYC Fright Fest at Eau Claire Market.
*Sep 13, 10:33 am:  Full (Harvest) Moon.
*Sep 13, 5:00 pm:  Spirit Warriors at private residence, Lethbridge, hosted by SAPA.
Sep 13, 7:00 pm:  Circles of Rhythm Drum Circle (see Sep 6).
Sep 14, 8:00 am:  Cochrane Body, Mind, and Soul Show at Lions Event Centre.
*Sep 14, 2:00 pm:  Breathing Workshop at Gyro Park, Lethbridge, hosted by SAPA.
Sep 14, 6:45 pm:  Calgary Cuddle Party at Scarboro Community Hall, hosted by Numinous Creations.
*Sep 15, 1:00 pm:  Calgary’s Witches and Wiccans Pub Moot at Rose and Crown.
Sep 15, 1:00 pm:  Wild Women Gathering – A Free Event, at The Pioneer on 8th, hosted by Alberta Tantric Community.
*Sep 15, 5:00 pm:  Playing with Pixies at Palm Park, Lethbridge, hosted by SAPA.
Sep 18-22:  Beakerhead.
Sep 19:  International “Talk Like a Pirate” Day.
Sep 20-21:  Haunted Downtown Bassano Paranormal Investigation, hosted by Ghost Hunt Alberta.  Rustic Emporium/Imperial Hunter Hotel.
Sep 20, 7:00 pm:  Circles of Rhythm Drum Circle (see Sep 6).
*Sep 21, 11:00 am:  Calgary Pagan Pride Day at Olympic Plaza and Arts Commons.
Sep 21, 6:45 pm:  Tantric Temple of Love (White Puja) at Scarboro Community Hall, hosted by Numinous Creations.
*Sep 22, 3:00 pm:  Mabon Youth Festival at North Westminster Hall, Lethbridge, hosted by SAPA.
*Sep 23, 1:50 am:  Autumnal Equinox (NOT Solstice).
Sep 27, 7:00 pm:  Circles of Rhythm Drum Circle (see Sep 6).
Sep 28, 11:00 am:  Mini New Age Expo at The Spirit Within, Airdrie.
*Sep 28, 12:26 pm:  New Moon.  Lunar Month of Gort/Ivy begins.
*Sep 28, 7:00 pm:  Calgary Heathens Meet and Greet.
*Sep 30:  Celtic Tree-Month of Gort/Ivy begins, according to Graves and Llewellyn.